Thursday, December 30, 2010

Warmed Our Cockles.

It's no Christmas Story. But it is my first attempt to use my Mac to make a video. It's raw. It's juvenile. It's not very witty. But it's mine, all mine. And now it's yours.

There is no end to my generosity.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Maybe It Was The Aftershave.

I gave Kenny an extra-special Christmas treat this year. It went a little something like this:

Upon getting out of the shower, I presented him with a high-karate kick from the living room doorway:

Only less high, with more crooked parts, and a little bit (well, quite a bit, actually) of wobbling thrown in, where it could have appeared that I was almost falling over, but in fact I was just transitioning into my next moves, which were the really-fast-and-blurry professional-type moves:

And then I brought the show to a close with a little tribute to The King:

All this while naked.

Performance Arts, People. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Jolly Ol' St. Twink

He looks happy, right?

Poor Twinkle Toes. He had to go to the vet on Thursday. We had him tentatively scheduled for tooth surgery, I was combining the exam with surgery day to keep it down to 1 visit. His mouth has been sore on the right side. He winces when I kiss him there.

Anyway, the good news is that yes, it's sore, but we're trying some medicine before getting in there and rooting around. With his diabetes, they like to do surgery as a last resort - me, too.

He seems to be feeling better.

Did I mention I love him?? I do.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Old Man Is Snoring

If you haven't heard by now, it rained throughout our vacation. But! One day, the sun tried it's darndest to peek through:

And when it did? Six thousand people emerged, too. Not an open spot to be found on any of the upper decks.

That's just a snippet of the folks who were out. I managed to find a little spot in a nook on one of the decks that had a couple of vacant chairs and was sequestered away from little crumb-grinders (a.k.a., squalling kids) and I plopped myself down and read my book, and tried my darndest to process some Vitamin D. I worry about that, it seems to be something that's in the news lately, Vitamin D deficiencies. So I do my part to find sunshine.

Mostly, though, it looked like this:

I wish I could say that was a re-touched photo, but it's not. It was really that drab.

Notice rain spots on shirt and wet-rat hairdo:

So not every vacation can be a hit. It was still a vacation, and I'm privileged to have been able to travel once again. So suck it, Rain. You're not gonna get me down. But I do acknowledge that it's not nearly as much fun to be stuck indoors on a cruise ship. I've never minded at-sea days before, in fact I normally love them, but I've learned that I love them only when I can sit in the sun and read for hours and hours. Sitting in my room isn't nearly as much fun, although there is room service, which is a plus.

p.s., I read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It's a good thing I was sequestered with it, it forced me to get past the first 150 slow-moving pages and then it picked up and was a good fun roller-coaster ride. I couldn't wait to hit the airport and pick up the 2nd one, which is calling my name right now.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pound One Out

That title is just so....dirty. I couldn't resist.

We're on Day 4 of Trip. The Internet is exceedingly slow. Here it is, by the down & dirty numbers.

1/ It took me 4 days to relax and finally settle in today and enjoy myself. We missed our first stop on Monday (to the Bahamas) due to high winds & waves. Some people have been seasick. Not me, I loves me the motion o' the ocean, and it just lulls me to sleep. For the bigness of this ship, it's hard to believe it's rockin' the way it is (we're on the brand-new Allure of the Seas, Royal Caribbean's grandest).

2/ As big as this ship is, yesterday I was bored. I feel bad and spoiled and ingrateful for even typing "I was bored" while on my zillionth vacation. But that's the way it was, why pretend otherwise. I needed to get off this ship. Normally I love at-sea days, because I lounge and read and soak up some Vitamin D. But it's been windy and overcast and chilly, and that makes it a lot less fun. As one dude in the elevator commiserated with me, "all there is to do is eat." I was actually on my way for a sammich when he said that, and laughed. I wasn't even hungry, just bored.

3/ I finally took matters into my own hands and worked on overcoming my restlessness. I went to the gym. I rode the bike there. It helped with the restlessness, although it was a little dishearted because 30 minutes apparently burned 85 calories. It didn't counteract the 2 Cupcake Cupboard cupcakes I've gotten reacquainted with, but it was something.

4/ The Cupcake Cupboard has been a big fat disappointment. Two cupcakes (red velvet, turtle) and neither one was good enough to finish. WTF, Allure of the Seas Cupcake Bakerman. I haven't needed to go back, although they've now incorporated a Frequent Cupcake-Eater card, and if I eat 6, I get the 7th free. They just color in the little cupcake top with a pen, I asked Kenny if he thought I could get away with just coloring them in myself and pretending I had 6 to get my free one. I figure they owe me from my indulgence on the Oasis, right? It's not stealing, because I ate like 9 of 'em on that trip! THEY OWE ME. RIGHT?? But he said since you pay for them with your seapass card, they can track just exactly how many have been purchased and it may not be a good idea to try and steal from 'em instead of paying the $2.50. I guess he's right. I hate it when he's right.

5/ Did I mention the weather has sucked?

6/ We stopped today at St. Thomas. Weather was rainy, but a tropical rain beats a Cleveland snow any day of the year. We took a 2-hour tour just for something to do. It was the worst tour ever. Kenny called it the "J. Peterman Reality Tour." (Seinfeld reference, keep up, reader). But it was so bad, it joked me into the best vacation mood ever and life is good again. It's a post for another day (cause this is 65cents/minute).

7/ I realized I need a full-length mirror at home. I've seen things that have made me realize I should be nicer to Kenny. Things like a whole entire swatch of hair growing up the back of my legs, which I've apparently missed shaving for like 6 months, at least. It's Grizzley Adams back there. Er, it WAS. Not now. I've asked Kenny if he's noticed that before and he just nodded his head "yes" and looked away, a little ashamed. Ashamed for me, I think.

On that note, I leave you. You're welcome.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Short on Time & Words

Rushing around like a crazy person. All. Week. I'm bone-weary, and my back hurts. I can smell relaxation in my near future. Or is it the smell of my Tide Totalcare? I want to clarify that I'm not in any way affiliated with this product, other than I love love love it! I can't stop sniffing myself ( pajama top). I am very fresh smelling!

That's all I have time for. Perhaps I will be able to perform a high-seas hello this week. I have a date with the Cupcake Cupboard starting tomorrow. Red Velvet and I shall meet again.

I'm off to finish my chores.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's a Powerful Beat

Eh, fuck it.

Maybe not posting nonsense is a bad idea, as it can be a crutch to forget my worries and strife and spread the religion on the rhythm of life. We sang that song in choir, and suck it Kenny, yes I was allowed to join choir.

Another absolutely pointless thing that I learned is eating up my very valuable brain space is some lines from the very first episode of Laverne DeFazio & Shirley Feeney. Yes, the first episode included their last names. We watched it on Saturday. And I recited along with them, "...and if it ever gets too hot, Pepsi Cola hits the spot." Kenny looked at me incredulously, and now understands why I can't remember when trash night is, because my brain is cluttered with old choir song lyrics and sporadic lines from 70's sitcoms.

But what I really came here to tell you about is my latest product find: Tide Totalcare laundry detergent. Somehow a sample of that stuff ended up on my washing machine and when I was cleaning all the bedding after our weekend flu bout, I used the Tide to clean our down comforter because I figured it would smell new/different from my normal detergent and make it exciting to crawl into bed. More exciting than it is knowing that sexy Mr. Anderson is laying there waiting for me, that is. More exciting than that.

Anyway. I washed and dried our comforter and put it on the bed and could not believe my eyes. That comforter was ridiculously clean! I hadn't even realized how dirty it was, until I saw how clean and fresh it looked! It had a couple of stains on it from who's knows what (pets/Vicks Vapor rub/we won't explore other options) that just never came out when I'd wash it.

But now? Clean. As a Whistle. I heart that product, and even bought 2 jugs of it while we were at Target tonight. And it was sort of expensive ($11.99 a jug, with a $5 Target gift card if you bought 2 of them, so I did) and I didn't care, because it's that exciting.

I am excited to wash laundry. Dear Garth, please help me, I know not who I've become.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Is This More Work From Mother Karma??

I've had some personal family news that is giving me pause, and having me to take a sit-back from Internet Things and do a reset.

No, nobody's died or has an illness. Other things. But I'm going to tap out for a bit while I work on getting this sorted out.

Sorry for the vagueness, you know me, I tell ya all about my vagina, but some things just need to be kept a little closer to the vest.

Anyway. This could have gone either way, with my saying nothing and just not posting for a while, or posting this and leaving you a-flutter with wonder, but I didn't want to just ghost ya.

I just can't focus on this nonsense when there's some real-life bullshit that needs to get sorted out. That's all. It makes me realize how non-important so much of life's make-up really is. Who the fuck cares if Lebron plays ball here, or in Miami? It matters not one whit. I don't even know if that's the right word, "whit", but it doesn't matter enough to worry about checking it out.

I'm going to bed with cats. And praying (to Garth and God) for some peace.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Since I'm feeling a bit better today, I've squandered my time tinkering with creating a Wordpress blog. I also opened - and then quickly deleted - a Twitter account. I've had a Twitter account before, but didn't really know what it was accomplishing so I deactivated it. Then, today, it seemed like a good idea to try it again, until I posted my first tweet. It was dumb, and I deactivated myself again.

I still haven't gotten Wordpress up. I don't know why I feel compelled to cheat on Blogger, I guess I'm like a married man who just gets restless and wants to sample other sites. No offense, Married Men. Just the married men I know, specifically. More specifically, the men who I married. Those married men.

We're feeling better. Washed up all the bedroom things. Vacuumed. Dusted (a little). Made a pot of Hodgepodge Soup. That is, a pot of stuff we had available. It was a mix of chicken & turkey meats, in a beef base (because I was out of chicken bullion), rice (no noodles), and the usual soup vegetables: carrots, onions, celery. It's pretty okay tasting.

I'm still a little twingy. My mister just tried to seductively proposition me with a, "Hey, ya wanna do it?" and then did a little thrusting dance in my direction. How does one turn that offer down?? But I did, I begged off, since I'm not up to par, and frankly neither is he - he's just feeling worried because a four-day sex weekend got away from us. He's feeling a little anxious about making up for lost time. He'd rather have "sex when you're still a little sick and don't really enjoy any of it" than no sex. It'll be okay. I promise.

Now, off to get ready for my return to work. Then, 2 Tylenol PMs, a little bit of Househunters and it's lights out at the Balderson's. Or the Anderwin's.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Silver Linings All Around Me

Did I mention that Kenny's grandmother was too sick to participate in Thanksgiving? And I was trying to lend my support in the evening?

What I attributed to a case of the Bottle Flu yesterday from the night of par-tay-ing, in fact I believe is a little bit of Margie's Illness.

I've been incapacitated since yesterday evening. But on an up note, I don't believe I'll gain a single pound on this feasting holiday weekend. Every cloud....

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Mouths of Babes.

Very early on Black Friday morn, when most people were getting up for crazy shopping, and me and my mister had just rolled into the house, me loaded up on long island iced teas.

"Kenny?!! Kennnny!! Come and help me!!"

"Help you do what?? I'm in bed already!"

"I want you to just hold my toothbrush for me and I'll move my head back and forth."

"You want me to what?? Um. Get your drunkass to bed."

"I can't go to bed without brushing my teeth!"

Somehow, without any assistance at all, I managed to paste, hold and move my toothbrush around my teeth. Since he wasn't going to hold it for me, whereas I could just move my head back and forth. Is it just me who thinks that was a little unsupportive of my mister?!?

You can't find good help any more.

Oh, and p.s., he also violated Drunkard Rule #33: He let me drink and socialize, socializing being used in the loosest sense of the word. After a certain number of drinks, he's supposed to keep me segregated from the public. It's for the best of everyone involved. I think many things came out of my mouth, and I'm pretty sure wieners were part of the nonversation.

Black Friday

Meh. I'm not going to do the "Things I'm Thankful For" post. We went out last night after turkey dinner and drank. I'm hungover (a little). I'm not thankful for that. But it was fun(ish) and the bar was packed and it was just at the end of our street and our post man owns it. We were supporting the neighbor(hood).


Now? I just want to lie (lay? lei? - stupid word rules on this one) about.

Long Island Iced Teas foiled my up-at-the-crack-of-dawn shopping plans. We were going to DO IT! this year and be a part of Black Friday shopping. I have never ever done that. This was going to be the year.

Maybe I should be thankful for too much to drink, it probably saved me a ton of money not buying shit I don't need, and helped keep my stress levels low.

Kenny and I discussed pitching a tent and camping out in front of Walgreens or CVS - one of those stores that never gets shown the Black Friday love. We were going to be the first in the door for 1/2 off a bag of Dove chocolates or whatever it was they had to advertise.

But then we didn't.

We did have a nice Thanksgiving meal, with a lot of kids and it was noisy. Too noisy and I was happy to leave the screaming after a couple of hours.

Kenny's grandmother caught some sort of a stomach flu/virus. She stayed home. She was in a pretty bad way when Kenny went to check on her (we were 2 doors down with cousins). We grabbed up the grandpa and went over to tend to her because Kenny needed reinforcements. There was literally shit and vomit everywhere. She couldn't control it. I was worried she was going to dehydrate (she's 90!) so we ran to the drugstore for some shit-stopping medicine and some Pedialyte (I didn't know what else to get, but I know that's good for babies when they can't keep anything in). It was a big hotmess over there, but Kenny's mom got it squared away and everyone seems to be doing a little better today.

Today? We are headed to my cousin's, she's hosting 2nd Thanksgiving. I hope this one doesn't end with shitting or drunkardness. I'll be very thankful for that.

The end.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lessons In Housewifery.

Contemplating the harm that can come from washing the sink full of dishes with Bath & Body Works Sea Island Cotton shower gel.

Are all surfactants created equally??

We're just about out of toothpaste, too, and I'm already pondering suitable substitutions.

I guess it's time to fight the masses at the grocery store.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Boys: Twink & Stan

I love them so hard.

Now Older, and With More Asshole Included!

Where to start with this story? Hm.... lemme get my cuppa coffee. It's a most spectacular flavor sold at Nervous Dog, which roasts the most seriously delicious fucking coffee. Ever. A coworker gifted me with my very own bag for my very own birthday. Yeah, the birthday where I just turned forty fucking four. The coffee makes it a little easier to swallow.

I don't want to be a big birthday crybaby. As my dad says, 'It shore beats the alternative." But seriously, fuck. I woke up from a sound sleep to greet my 44th birthday and had to hobble out of bed due to lower back stiffness. FOR NO GOOD REASON. NOT EVEN A BAD REASON. NO REASON AT ALL. My back just said, "Well, here ya go, Fucker, enjoy getting old. er." So whatever. I'm going to focus my 44th year on getting more bendy, and have been looking to dig out my pilates workout tapes. Starting tomorrow, things are going to change! Haha, poor Tomorrow. Tomorrow always has sucky shit to look forward to.

However! I did get my very own cake! Kenny bought this for me while we were at the Food Show, made in all it's frosting-ed glory at a local bakery and it did not disappoint.

It was teensy, just a single-serving size. Well, single-serving size for those of us who never met a piece of cake we didn't like. I didn't share. I'm not a good cake-sharer. Maybe I'll try and be better at that, too. While I'm stretching. Tomorrow.

We flew to St. Louis to celebrate the birthday. The birthday was just a convenient excuse, really. The casino'd been hounding us to come on down, so we finally agreed to let them fly us out there as long as they gave us food comps and a suite. They did. We had a really great room. I don't know why we're so important down there, I had $550 to take with me. Not like we're big spenders. Well, me, I'm not. Kenny had a date with doom on those machines this weekend and we don't want to talk about it. On the other hand, I won $2000!

But after I gave Kenny 30% (our split rule), paid taxes, tipped the person who paid me (common courtesy), and blew $500 in some other random machines, I came home $50 ahead. Sort of a sad ending on a $2000 win. Ah well. I still enjoyed the thrill of momentary victory.

Now we're home. We were only gone 2 nights.

The best part of the trip, outside of winning the jackpot? The shower in our suite. Kenny woke me up on Saturday morning and told me I had to get up and try the shower immediately. It had the most powerful sprayer. EV. ER. It had a rainforest sprayer that drenched you from the ceiling, and then the jet in the normal position, and then a jet for your feet or something - and it was so forceful, it cleaned every inch, inside and out.

It waterboarded me.

I was begging for mercy. I let it pound some of the stiffness out of my lower back. It not only cleansed, it exfoliated, too. Seriously, it was crazy-powerful. We took a lot of showers 'cause it was such an adventure. We had some crazy sexy times in it, too, and I thought we were going to drown from the mishmash of water sprays going every which way. We didn't.

Sorry, now once again that's something you can't unknow.

Our plane ride home was super early, we had to be in the lobby at 6:30 for our limo ride. It was really bling-ie and had lights that pulsated with different colors and reflected off the crystal decanters. I kept expecting Hugh Hefner to pop outta somewhere in his bathrobe and cavorting to ensue.

It was a little much for that early on a Sunday morning, The Lord's Day.

Luckily, we enjoyed a lot of crying babies on our early morning flight. The casino flew us out on Southwest. Not my first choice, but whatever. We thought we were picking good seats, towards the back, figuring all the babies would be up front.

Didn't quite work out.

We had a squaller in the row across from us, and up one. I realized that not only am I now in middle-age, but I'm also a really big asshole, because I glared at the parents and silently cursed them for being all righteous and not believing in using Children's Tylenol or Benedryl for quieting purposes. It would have been in the baby's best interest, I swear. They were bouncing the baby around and whatnot, and at times I couldn't tell if it (not trying to be even more of an asshole by calling it an "it", but it had an indiscernible gender) was screaming in delight or distress. Either way, it sucked.

Kenny said the baby kept staring at him for the duration of the trip. I told him he should have given the baby the finger. He laughed at the thought of it, but then told me that I really was a baby-hating asshole, or something along those lines.

It was a short flight so I'll shut up about it now.

But one last trip note. On the way to pick up our car in longterm parking, we got on the elevator and Kenny saw another couple and rushed me with a, "Hurry up!!" as he didn't want to hold the elevator for them. They weren't even the couple with the baby, they weren't even on our flight. It was quite out of character for Kenny to be an asshole. We (er, me) weren't fast enough and the people got in with us and I told them, "You know, he told me to hurry up so we wouldn't have to ride with you, I don't know what his problem is." And Kenny's mouth dropped open before he could recover himself, and then he started laughing and told them that I was just an asshole liar, and well, it was pretty funny (to me anyway) and I'm not sure they believed him, but they laughed anyway. I'm pretty sure Kenny wanted to punch me in the nuts, but I got a good laugh out of it, and that's what's important, right? Right?

I farted as I got in the car. Kenny, still recovering from my comment to the strangers, shook his head and wondered, "Couldn't you have done that BEFORE you got in the car??!" "I could have, but I wanted you to enjoy it, too."
I'm all kinds of a lady.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Nuts Don't Fall Far From The Tree

"I'm becoming my grandmother," she muttered to herself as she found herself stuffing single-serve restaurant half & half's into her purse.

She rationalized her actions, telling herself it was just this once, because she had used up the last of the coffee creamer on Saturday, and couldn't face the crowds of Sunday Afternoon Shoppers at the grocery store.

But the packets of unused honey from Popeye's chicken stuffed in a kitchen drawer tell a truth she cannot avoid: this is becoming a habit, and not a solitary action built out of necessity.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Below the Belt

Reader, if you were ever going to pass on reading a post, I warn you: This may be the one. I wouldn't blame you one bit, and knowing that I was going to warn you to pass on it, I thought to self, "well, why even write it then? not everything needs to be blagged (wordmash: blah/blogged) about."

But then? The words, they just wanna come. Sorry.

True Story #1.

My period arrived during the middle of a work day. Hello, Friend, good to see you. Yes, I consider my period my friend. Cause it means there's no baby takin' root in my uterus and I celebrate sex that doesn't produce children. For myself. Not that there's anything wrong with it for others. Others, I emphatically repeat.

So here she is, and I need a tampon. I take the logical step of trying to buy one in the restroom, forgetting that the machine in the nearest ladies room is a quarter-sucking bitch who takes and takes, giving nothing in return.

What to do? Well, for you who may not know how ladies bathroom sanitary protection machines function, they generally have two selections: a side with pads, and a side with plugs, with separate coin slots.

I don't even know why pads exist as an option, but I've been giving it some thought for the past couple of days (when Kenny wonders what I'm lost in deep thought about, I shout out stuff like "E = MC squared!!") and have reached a couple conclusions as to why a person, given the option, would choose a pad vs. a tampon. Here are my scientific study results:

1/ Pad wins over tampon when you're having vagina hole troubles. For instance, if you just squirted a baby outta that thing, you probably wouldn't want to stick anything back in the hole for quite a while.
2/ Pad wins over tampon if maybe you've strained something down there during exercise or something. I don't know the specifics to that scenario, I just considered it as a possibility of when they might come in handy.
3/ Pad wins over tampon if you've had lot lot lot of sex and the hole just needs a rest. Again, I'm just considering scenarios.
4/ Pad wins over tampon if you're a young girl and don't want to stick anything up there just yet, like you're a really young bloomer due to all the hormones in milk and stuff, and your body has been tricked into getting ready for business, but you're still playing with dolls (ahem. no reference to myself or anything).

But I digress. So the tampon side isn't working, and I consider my options.

Option #1: The Murdoch Method. Which I've just learned from his blog post: "when you don't know what to do, do nothing." But after further consideration, I didn't think this was a situation where that would apply. I don't think that was designed for the times you have blood spraying outta yer blowhole (how my ex-husband summed up a menses).

Option #2: Roll toilet paper between your palms, forming your own tube and shoving it up there. No strings attached.

Option #3: Pay a quarter and buy a pad.

I went with Option 3. Even though, I will tell you, the whole thought of a pad is a little gross to me, but then most things that go on south of the border are questionable anyway, so what makes this special.

And then? I was pleasantly surprised by it. Once I had it nestled into place, it felt like a little pillow down there, all cushiony and nice. A little pussy pillow. That's how they should market them, if you ask me, and I bet they'd revolutionize the industry.

"Does your pussy toss and turn all night, but no matter what you try, she just can't get comfortable? Try a Pussy Pillow (I think I need to trademark this!) and help your vagina get the good night's sleep it deserves!"
"Does your pussy wake up in the morning with a stiff upper lip? Treat your vagina to a contour Pussy Pillow with memory foam, and you'll never suffer from a stiff lip again."

Dear Garth, help me. I don't know where I'm going with this.


It wasn't that unpleasant. It was a little comforting and nice. That's all I'm trying to say. Comfort comes in all forms, I guess. There, how's that for an inspiring message? Epic SAVE of this story!

True Story #2.

Today is Saturday. The Saturday before my birthday. Kenny offered to take me to the Food Show as my gift, which was a super-fun idea as I'd much rather have an event than another thing in the house. So we did that today, and today I love him because he's a good good man to me, and he does very nice and thoughtful things for me, even though he's a messy person to live with. He's kind to me, cats and old people. And that's the important stuff (note to self: when you're tripping over his shit all over the house, and see the crumbs left behind in his wake, go back and re-read this!).

But anyway. Due to a little (well, huge, actually, cupcakes were used as a weapon and everything) disagreement, I've been on a laundry strike. I've been doing my own, but very sporadically, and now today, the Saturday before my birthday, I had to Pay the Piper. I hate The Piper.

I had no clean undies.

Except for one pair, balled up in the back of the drawer. The very pair that came as part of my Merry Christmas 'Santa's Little Helper' nightie get-up that someone got for Christmas last year.

They are made out of a red crushed velvet, with black velvet bows. "Ah, what the hell," I said in my head, and pulled 'em out of the drawer. I can rock the Christmas wrap around the Food Show today.

But? It quickly became obvious that these panties are not made for distance trips. They're built for show, not for go. They are a full-panty, actually, not a thong or anything, with a full "seat." But whatever is going on with them, they are NOT meant to stay up. I've never before had a full panty just roll down before! But they did, with every step, they just rolled right down in the back, until they were bunched up right underneath my ass cheeks. Couldn't keep 'em up.

I thought about taking them off completely, but I did not want to get all into removing my jeans in a public restroom, there were just too many things to consider with that move. So I left them to do their own thing and just walked around for five hours with my underwear bunched up under my ass. Good thing I wasn't wearing a pad, I don't know what that would have meant for that whole situation.

There you have it. Against my better judgement, I shared this site with a co-worker, who has her own blog and it's very inspiring and uplifting and I knew I was making a mistake because there is NONE of this she needs to know about, and I can only hope that she checked it out once and decided it wasn't for her because while most of it is pretty easy-going nonsense, sometimes I just need to share stories that concern my vagina. I don't know why, but I don't wanna become a self-censorer, either. Thank/Blame Al Gore for inventing the Internet.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Try Not To Suck Any Dick On The Way Through the Parking Lot

I got finger-fucked today. In the mouth. By a man I'd just met. In fact, I had to take the lead with a, "Hello, I don't believe we've met, I'm Trixie Bang Bang. Who are you?" And then he told me to open wide and shoved some gloved hands in my mouth and proceeded to prod me in my soft tissues.

Oh, yeah, and I had a dentist appointment today.

For which all those years of dick-sucking proved to be a good training ground for getting my gag reflex under control. Because really, I can't think of too much more mouth discomfort than having those winged x-ray cards shoved way back in my mouth, between my cheek and gum.

You may be wondering any of the following:
  • How many dicks do you have to suck to get your gag reflex under control?
  • Why didn't she know the dentist, I know she's been to the guy before.

Well, let me address your concern. While it was the same dental office as my prior trip, they have a mishmash of dentists and I had a different dude than before. The other dude was the youngish, cuteish one with the new wife who wanted to go to Disneyland (or World, the one in Florida) for her honeymoon, and I mocked the choice. This new dude seemed nice enough.


He was a wet-talker.

When he talked, some spittle came out and landed right on my open-mouthed face (his hands were in my mouth). And some hit my lips, which is really rather intimate, don't ya think?

And? His breath, for being a dentist, was a little on the "old man smell" side. And he wasn't that old. And our faces were very close to each other.

Lastly? I have to go back. It appears I have a nearly-indiscernible cavity or something forming between some teeth. And he'd like to talk me into $5000 worth of cosmetic dentistry. Maybe he really is just trying to do anything to get into my mouth.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Stan's getting back to normal. He's on an antibiotic. The vet's not sure exactly what the problem is, but he has elevated white blood cells, which tends to indicate an infection.

I'm happy that he's back to sleeping on the pillow by my head at night. You never truly appreciate a cat-ass in your face until it's gone.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Here. We. Go.

Stanley the Cat is acting tweaky. Decided not to eat last night. He was fine in the morning, but by the time I came home, he was just camped out under the guest bed and didn't want to participate in the family life.

We hauled him out and he joined us in the living room, and then stayed in bed all night on his pillow.

Needless to say, his catass was hauled to the vet this morning. He was under great distress and of course shit in his carrier, which was on my lap. So I enjoyed that smell for the duration of the ride.

Vet says all systems look good. Running some bloodwork. Gave him something for nausea and an antacid, told us to feed him some chicken-type babyfood tonight, but he has of course reclused (is that a word? If not, it should be, so I'm using it even though spellcheck disagrees with me) himself back beneath the bed since he came home.

Bloodwork results in the a.m. So far, $201 bucks for nothing. But they did clean out his shitty cat carrier and washed his ass while we were there, so that's worth about 101 of those dollars. And you sure couldn't have asked for a fresher stool sample. Which looked normal, by the way.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bump In The Night

We spent Halloween at The Point, participating for the first time in Halloweekends. And it was fun! And cold! And fun!

And. I'm not 20 anymore (no shit, I know). Holy smokes, I'm not bendy enough to fold myself up into those contraptions they call rides.

And? While I was always a fan of the spin-me-round-and-round rides, after the trifecta of The Troika, The Matterhorn and the Himalayan, I was nauseous. I needed a carbonated beverage and a time-out.

And? It was quite frightful after 7, when the ghouls and the smoke making machine came out, and it was eerie and things jumped at us in the night. I screamed.

And lastly? We weren't complete old-fucking-duds, we did ride a few coasters, and even more spinning rides despite the roiling in my tum-tum. So suck it, youngsters . We know how to par-tay. As long as we're home by ten.