Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's Not Weird If Both Do It.

Guess which concert we went to Saturday night?

Kenny and I actually had a fight about this concert.

He was considering spending $300 on tickets and I put the kabosh down on that. He was pretty glum about missing the concert, and then 2 free tickets dropped into my lap. It couldn't have been better timing, either, it was right when his grandfather was so sick, and it was something for him to look forward to.

I told him if we're going to a teeny-bopper show, we have to at the very least wear Taylor t-shirts. I didn't need to twist his arm.

The concert far exceeded my expectations. It would have been worth the $300 tickets, really. And I'm glad that Taylor is finally 21, so it's not quite as creepy with all the middle-aged men in attendance. Kenny was not alone, oh no sirree. 13 year old girls and 40-something year old men, and the women who support their desires.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Like a Twitter Than a Blog Update.

I took a 4 hour "nap" when I got home from work today. Got up, ate 2 corn dogs and half a cucumber for dinner and I'm ready to go back to bed. I call that a good night.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

But Wait! There's More!

Day 2 Treelawn:

The city came and picked up Day 1, so we could reload. I don't envy that job, either.

The upside is, the basement is getting a good cleaning. And we're getting rid of a bunch of stuff. A lot of it was stuff we were hanging on to because it was good enough to keep, whether we used it or not. It wasn't trashable until now.

I do have an unharmed king size 3" deep pillow-top mattress topper should anyone be interested. It's stored in a large plastic container down there since Christmas, when Kenny's mom bought us a different mattress topper thingie. We paid about $150 for it, so see why I hate to just throw it out? But if someone has a king sized bed and would like it, please let me know. I'd like to give it away rather than store it, it's taking up a lot of room in that giant bin.

I also have 2 tail pipes for a Harley Davidson. See what I mean about being too good to just throw out, even though I'm not using them? I still couldn't bring myself to pitch them. I'm sure they would be valuable to someone. Kenny threw out the plastic protector thingie for his big screen t.v. He said they cost about $150 to buy, but he never used it/liked it on the t.v. So that was in the basement until now, too. He did put it on the treelawn. I told him to sell it on Ebay and he asked me how I proposed to ship it. Point noted.

I think I'll take pictures of those Harley pipes and post them up at work. I don't know anything about 'em, but maybe I could get $50. I'd be happy with that. Vacation Fund. Make something good happen out of all this.

Alrightie, I'm off to work. Heading in a little late this a.m., had to split 1/2 a muscle relaxer with Ken last night, we were both aching.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

One Man's Water-Laden Trash....

Can I just invite 'em all in, and they can haul it out for us? Wouldn't that be the more direct method?

Our watersoaked shit has gotten a lot of pickers today. It's like Christmas In July! Except not for us. For us, it sucks ass.

This isn't even 1 section of the basement completed yet. Most of this came from the area where I do laundry, which means I will have A LOT more room in there going forward.

I hate this month, by the way. We're getting the one-two-three punch. I know, I know, it's supposed to be the one-two punch, but we've gotten socked three times (dead cat, dead grandpa, flooded basement). Really a 5-punch smackdown since we're counting. I've had the bad back, and the sick/in hospice uncle. It's good to be me. Anyone wanna trade?

Saturday, July 23, 2011


And now? Our basement is flooded. Just a wee tich, not deep, but all over.

Rather than Sunday-Movie-&-A-Nap-Day, we will be cleaning out the piles of shit in the basement.

I think this calls for another glass of Red Velvet Cupcake wine.

Perhaps one day life will calm the fuck back down. But not today.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Crossing Over

January 21st, 1919 - July 17th, 2011

Kenny's grandfather Stanley died Sunday night, around 11:30 p.m. He lived to a very long 92, with all but the last few years in relatively good health.

We drank beer together and talked about golf, until his Alzheimer's stole that from him (and us).

He loved a good polka (100% Polack, he was), loved the game of golf (played til he was about 88, I believe), loved to sing, dance, and his bride Margie. They were married 69 years. Something to strive for, Reader.

I still cannot believe we've lost both Stanleys this year. May they find each other on the other side.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I plan on spending the evening getting acquainted with thee. And finding out if you live up to the implied deliciousness of your name.

This Is Life, The One You Get - So Go And Have a Ball.

This weekend I am learning what hospice is all about. It's not a fun weekend, but we are finding some measure of comfort.

That is all we can ask for some days. We shall see what today brings.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Why This Family Belongs With Me.

Tonight we went and visited Kenny's mom Linda & grandmother Margie at the grandparent's house. Grandpa Stanley is doing shitty, with extra "itty." Whatever that means. He's back in the hospital, moved by ambulance from the rehab facility today as he has developed pneumonia. Just a tich of it in the lower lung, but it must be stopped. Grandpa Stanley is 92, by the way.

So we visited. And I was pleased as punch to realize that despite all the crying Margie has done today, she still has her bawdy sense of humor.

Kenny: "What's this hundred dollars doing on the counter?"
Margie: "Your mom and I work at night."
Kenny: "What?? You two come home from the hospital and start whoring around??"
Margie: "Yep. That's Linda's from last night. I charge more."

Did I mention Margie is 91?

She told me later that, "Well, they pay for experience, right? I've got a lot of years, of course I'd get more!"

I *heart* her. And it was nice to leave 'em with a good chuckle after the stress of the day.