Sunday, July 26, 2009


So maybe Sophie's spin on seatbelt-wearing isn't so crazy afterall.

Random Details.

Things that were said today:

T: What's the point of being a lesbian if you still wanna have something shoved up your snatch? - while watching a Sunday afternoon porno (don't judge me, Reader!).
K: How does he keep his sunglasses on while he's doing that?
K: Did you eat all that cake?
T: Yes, but it was only 3 pieces.
K: They were double pieces, so technically, it was 6 pieces.
T: Are you calling me fat?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pie In The Sky

Visited Sophie today, it had been a while (since June!) and I was on the precipice of falling onto the Bad Granddaughter List once again. Now, while it does seem like an excessive amount of time since our last visit, it was the END of June that I visited last, then we had July 4th weekend where I was out of town, then the following weekend Sophie was in Lafferty, Ohio, visiting old (get it?) friends, and then one weekend I just wanted to not go anywhere for a change, and now here we are.
I took her shopping, there were some sale items at the local I.G.A. she did not want to miss: Applesauce, 50 ounces for $2.19; Ketchup, $0.97; 1 dozen large eggs, $0.79. Those were good deals. I bought applesauce and eggs for myself, and then a roast of some sort because Sophie insisted it was too good of a price to pass up, although I really didn't want it. She wanted some cottage cheese to go with her applesauce, but it was $3.19 and there was no way in hell she was spending that much. I slipped it into my cart for her and treated her to cottage cheese, as well as a surprise splurge purchase of ice cream sammichs ($3.99! which IS sort of expensive!). She initially wanted to refuse them, but then I reminded her of my $4,000 recent win and she was tickled to death to take the surprise groceries. Is this my future? Do you think I'll EVER be that frugal? I'm not sure, I really don't see it, but who knows. Can we ever escape our upbringing successfully? We can cover it up, but it's still there, deep down, waiting in the shadows to pop out at ya.

Sophie had some interesting viewpoints today that she shared. While I was helping her get her seat belt fastened, we reminisced about the 'olden days' when you didn't have to wear a seat belt, and kids just bounced around loose in the backseat. She then piped up with, "Well, Dolly, now they make you strap the kids in, and all these cars roll over and catch fire and the kids burn up because they can't get out!" Huh. Maybe so.

Later she told me how she went next door and threw her trash away (she uses the neighbor's can for her little bit of garbage, since she lives in the country trash pickup is something you pay for) and noticed a great big pile of soda cans in the trash. So she went home, got a great big bucket (her description) and pulled all those soda cans out and took it to the neighbor and told that she needs to take those to the recycle bin and get a couple of dollars for them, rather than just throwing money in the trash like that. Now, I'm not mocking her, No Sirree. I'm just saying, she could write a book on how to save a nickle. And it's not just because of the current economic times, she has lived her entire life without squandering. She truly is leaving the smallest carbon footprint behind of all time. I believe Al Gore should personally deliver a prize to her. At the very least, Ed Begley Jr. should pay her a visit.
The End.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Reason to Moisturize

Caesar's having a bad time of it. He's back to constant nausea, head-shaking, and not eating. And throwing up some nasty looking brown stuff, which I'm sure is colored from the kitty chemo. Very worried about him. Kenny did manage to get his tuna-flavored liquid meds from the meth, it's just a normal lab, out in Coventry. He got a dose of that and didn't hate it, but he didn't love it, either. I think it's more the force-feeding he's opposed to more than anything. You could be pouring liquid chocolate down my throat, but if you were holding my head and using your fingers to pry my jaws open I'm sure I wouldn't be as receptive. So there we are. Going to see how the weekend goes, then it'll be back to Vetland on Monday if it doesn't turn around a little bit. All this, after we had the good news that his cancer was half the size and his chemo was reduced from weekly to every other week. We thought we were on the road to recovery and now we are worried again. Hello, Furrowed Brow, I haven't seen ya in a while, Welcome Back.

Then Girl Cat did some weird running through the living room stunt that caused Kenny and I to sit up and take notice, and we noticed that she had big strings of drool coming down her face. Why?? What to do?? We took her to the bathroom, washed her face and just looked at her to see if she was going to do it more. Then she shook her head, just like Caesar does from his nausea. We hope that was an isolated weird incident. So we're watching her. Watching Caesar.

While all three of us were shut up in the bathroom, Twinkle mournfully cried to get in, so we let him in. Then we saw two grey cat paws poking under the door. Stanley felt left out of the Party in the Bathroom. No one wants in once they're in, but they all think Fun and Games are going on and want to particate. At first.

And lastly, my black cat Widda seems to be losing weight. Not sure if she's just being bullied out from her food dish, or if she's having issues. We isolated her and her food dish during dinner and she seemed to be eating just fine. So that's the cat situation. Worry. And lots of it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

You Say Poh-tay-toe..

Conversation carried at the mall on Sunday:

Tracye: "I've been thinking about getting one of these dress things, they're quite popular at the moment."

Kenny: "A moo-moo???!!"

Tracye: "NO! They are NOT moo-moo's! They are MAXI DRESSES and all the girls are wearing them nowadays!"

Kenny: "Uh, I'm pretty sure those are moo-moos."

Tracye, asking sales lady: "Are these moo-moos???"

Innocent Sales Lady: "Um, it depends on what era you're in. They WERE moo-moos, but now they're called Maxi Dresses."

Kenny: "I don't think that sounds like anything you want to be wearing. Let's see how many girls are wearing them at the mall today."

Count: Zero.

Tracye: "Maybe I'll just stick with jeans and a shirt."

Sit On My Face

Cat Stories:

  1. Stanley (the cat, not the neighbor or the grandpa) sat on my face this morning. Tail up, bunghole exposed, Sat. Right. On. My. Face. I guess that'll teach me to hog my own pillow.
  2. Caesar the cat's cancerous tumor has shrunk to half it's original size. Hooray!! He's still being quite an asshole about taking his medicine, so Kenny was given some covert number to call to place an order to get the meds in a tuna-flavored liquid format. It's a fishy story, with sketchy details. No address is given, no company name - just a number to call, place your order, call back later and arrange for pickup and payment. WTF?? Is this some sort of Kitty Meth Lab that makes tuna-flavored meds on the side?? I don't know. Kenny's handling it. I sure hope the deal doesn't go South - we don't need a hit on us, not when we're finally kicking cancer's ass and Jack Bauer's on hiatus.
  3. We've caught Caesar sleeping in the cat carrier, the one he cries and protests getting into as it always results in a trip to the vet. We're not sure if he figures it's the absolute last place we'd look for him and thus he'll avoid getting his medicines, or if he's trying to cowboy-up and face his fears.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


This was my view over the 4th of July weekend, spent lounging around poolside at Paris Hotel in Vegas.

Yes, I know you may find it hard to believe, but I actually tore myself away from the casino and hung by the pool, not just once, but twice. I read my first Danielle Steele book there. Expectations are lower when reading by a body of water. It was the perfect easy read for a poolside lounge-about, with an $18 drink in my hand. It was a fun, if quick, trip. A big group of us went, but par-for-the-course, I rarely saw some of the people, and didn't even see our friends Kim & Jim at all. Some got in on Thursday, some Saturday, some went home at different times - it really was only "travelling together" in the loosest sense of the words.

Here are some highlights at it pertains to me:

1. Treated myself to a spa-facial. Had a 50% off coupon, with the small-print disclaimer "up to $50." Nothing on the spa menu was under $100. Facial = $200 for 50 minutes. Got one anyway, figured if I could spend it in a slot machine, I could spend it on someone rubbing my head.

Same night as facial, two separate dudes wanted summa dis. No, I wasn't hallucinating - Kenny was right there with me when one of the overt flirations occured - he must not have appeared threatening. Yeah, that was $150 well-spent dollars - I was a magnet! Or maybe it was my giant

2. While at The Wynn, we wandered in to the High Roller area. I had to pee, and was delighted to use their facilities. I was also a little worried they were going to tell me I couldn't pee there, but then thought "they don't even know who I am - I COULD be a high roller for all they know." I had an attidude and they never even batted an eyelash my way.

The toilet didn't disappoint, and in fact was worthy of a photo. It was a single-stall unit, complete with beautiful decor and a little etegere filled with high-roller amentities: hairspray, lotions, mouthwash, powders, etc. I of course tried all of them and felt quite ritzy. I felt like a Wynner.

While I was in the bathroom Kenny took an illegally-gotten photo of the highest-dollar slot machine in Vegas: $5,000 a pull. Yep, we were right where we belonged in there.

This is just a cool little area near the entrance of The Wynn.

3. The morning we were leaving for home, Kenny and I played some Supertimes Pay Video Poker, which is a game Kenny normally plays but I don't. It was a profitable morning for me, I quickly won $3000! After collecting my winnings, we still had time to kill so I played another Supertimes pay 2 machines down and won another $1000. It was definately my morning - and Kenny's, too, as I was a good sharer.

4. Once we got to the airport, they were handing out first-class upgrades and I was in the right place at the right time and scored a seat in 2A. Poor Kenny, he was back in steerage. I inquired about buying an upgrade for him, but it would have cost $700, and that just wasn't happening, not even with my recent winnings. Two hundred dollars, yes. Seven, no. Sorry, sucka. See ya in Cleveland.

The End.