Thursday, May 23, 2013

Piss On Me.

I feel as if I have nothing interesting to blog about, Reader. With the concerning part of that sentence being that I must be thinking the normal nonsense is interesting, since I blog about it. 

Anyway, it's just another day done & over with. It's cold. 

I've been slowly packing up some stuff. My landlord informed me tonight she'd like me to repaint the living room & dining room of this house since I painted the walls a dark fig color. I'll add that project to the list. Fair enough request, I guess. 

Tonight when I came in late, the wickedly blowing wind had knocked the bedroom door shut, locking my cat Toby in there. I'm not sure how long he was in there, it could have been as soon as when My Mister left the house this afternoon, around 2:30, and I didn't get home until 10:00ish, so he may have been in lockdown for 7 1/2 hours or so. Or possibly 15 minutes, but from the way he was acting it was a good long time.

I let him out. 

He went a little bit crazy. 

Normally he's a mild cat.  But after being locked up? He came and jumped up on the bed while I was still in the room and started gyrating around and purring, wanting some pets. I obliged him. 

Then he tore off the bed like a mad hatter, and ran down the hallway, kicked off a wall in the kitchen, chased Kitty Purry, and came back to the bedroom. 

He was still wound up as I made my way into the kitchen.  Where I discovered someone ~ahem, Kitty Purry? ~ decided to poop on the floor. Because we emptied the 2nd litter box, as we're packing, and stuff is sort of every where, I thought that maybe, just maybe, they'd be all good with the one giant litter pan. 

Nay Nay, Reader. 

While I was cleaning up that delight, Toby, still wound up from his captivity, came over near me and proceeded to back his ass up and piss all over my slippers that were on the floor in the kitchen. Right in front of me. Right there. Before my very eyes.  

All I could do was watch in disbelief. 

This is the same cat I blame for pissing all over my wool winter coat while we were gone on vacation back in February. I discovered that little treat after I wore my coat to work, and the smell settled in as it dried. Everyone wanted to be my friend that day. 

So when something doesn't go quite his way? He pees on my things. 

Lucky me.  I can hardly wait to see what happens when I come home from Vegas next month. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013


I love this little fella.

Party Poopers

Hello, Reader. I've been bizzzzzzzzy lately, as if you couldn't tell from my splotchy ramblings.   That whole buying-a-house thing takes up a surprising amount of time.  I haven't bought a house in many-a-year - probably 16 or 17, based on some quick calculating.

I guess I've been in this place for 8 years - since 2005?  Yes, My Mister just muttered and grumbled, "grrrrrr...yes..............2005."  He could have sounded just a tich more thrilled about it, in my opinion. I'm a real treat to live with, if you ask me.

So it will be coming up on 8 years here. 


To think it started out as a temporary couple-of-week plan. I think that gives a good glimpse into how much I hate moving. I'd rather bitch, moan and complain about this house for EIGHT YEARS than pack up and move my shit.  

It was a good transition place. It helped me set my standards lower as to what I could/couldn't live with.  My old house wasn't a fancy place at all, but it had amenities. It was completely fixed up.  So now I've learned that I can live with less. 

Happily, once we move into the new digs, I won't have to!! The new place boasts a master bedroom on the 1st floor, a 1st floor laundry room right across from the bedroom - so basically, my laundry woes will be history with the move. I'll just la-de-dah-dah the dirties over to the washer, plop 'em in, wash, dry, and mosey them back over to the very spacious closets in the bedroom.

The master bedroom has an entire wall of double closets. 

My Mister and I are already debating if he gets to use any of it, or if his stuff goes into the closet in one of the upstairs bedrooms. 

I'm going to have 2 upstairs bedrooms! Yay! 

And here's another good part about the house:

And a Half. 

Three full bathrooms. One half little powder room right off the main hallway. I'm feeling very fancy with a powder room. I've never ever lived in a house with more than a bath and half, and that was my growing-up-in home.  A family of five had one and a half baths to fight over. My other when-I-was-married houses all had one bath. 

My sister-in-law was a little surprised and said something along the lines of,  "What in the world do you need that many bathrooms for??" 

I told her, "I don't need them, but the house just happened to come with that many - I'm not going to wall 'em off because it's too many! I wasn't looking for that many." One full on each floor, and the powder room. It doesn't even sound excessive, putting it that way. 

It doesn't even look extra big or anything - just a simple little home with three and a half baths. 

Smallish front yard, not deep, but long - it's a double lot, so yay, no too-close neighbors. A smallish yard was a criteria for us, we hate a lot of yard work.   In fact, we spent a few hours yesterday doing yard work at our current digs, and it just reinforced that I don't like it. That, and my freckly arms now have blisters on them, from being out in the sun. 

Because I'm part vampire.


So we're getting ready to move. And I need to buy three shower curtains. For all my bathrooms.  We will have plenty of places to poop in the new house, so come over.