Tuesday, September 23, 2014

One Man's Trash, Pinterest's Treasure

Him: What'cha lookin' at?

Trixie: Pinterest.

Him: What's Pinterest? ~cranes over shoulder to look at laptop ~ It looks like a mish-mash of shit. 

Trixie: It is a mish-mash of shit. And little do-it-yourself projects that make me feel like shit for not thinking of oh, turning an old ladder into a cute Christmas tree like this, instead of throwing it on the tree lawn for trash day: 

Him: That still looks like a stupid, shitty ladder. They just threw some lights on it.  If someone walked into the house and saw that sitting in the corner they'd wonder what the hell is wrong with you. 

Trixie: ~laughs ~ Yep, it really is just a stupid shitty ladder with lights on it. What the fuck was I thinking, that I needed to make that for Christmas?? I really will buy into just about any stupid thing. 

Sometimes a stupid shitty ladder should just remain a stupid shitty ladder. And you just need someone else's perspective to show you it's okay to think so, too. 


Jackie said...

I am glad I'm not the only one who has the crappy ladder thoughts.

Violet said...

I have a Pinterest board called "you must be kidding" wherein I re-pin pins that seem utterly ridiculous to me. Like a wreath made of paper cupcake liners or a "pet-cam that lets you video chat with your pet while you are at work" or ANY so-called crafty thing people have done with frigging paint chip thingies.

Yes, I recognize the irony. And I may have to hunt down the light-wrapped stupid shitty ladder and add it to my collection.

Trixie Bang Bang said...

Violet, your comment made me LOL, for reals - I am going to make a shitty cupcake liner wreath and create a Stupid Shit Giveaway for the best blog comment - clear a space on your door, I see one in your future ;)

Violet said...

I'm moving to a new place soon. I'm sure a shitty cupcake liner wreath will set just the right tone as an introduction to my new neighbors.

Trixie Bang Bang said...

Violet - new house? I see a perfectly good reason to start gathering paint chip thingies!!