Monday, September 2, 2013

Table Manners

Chez Bang Bang hosted it's first official dinner party last night, where we actually served more than salsa and chips. It was still just a burgers-n-corn kind of event, but it counts as a dinner party because we all sat proper around the table in my mis-matched and questionably-sturdy chairs in the dinette area of the house. 

Kitty Purry helped herself to a decorative bowl of chip dip. And later she licked the melted ice cream out of the bowls. 

We need to work on setting boundaries for them. 

Toby, however was a perfect gentleman-cat, keeping elbows off the table during supper. 

It was after everyone else had finished, and found the behavior charming instead of grossly annoying.  

In other cat-related antics, the kitten's are sort of fed up with the lack of rugs around the house. DJ pulled this down (it was drying), and wrapped himself up like a cat burrito. I'm not sure how he achieved this without thumbs, but there you have it. 

The end. 

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