Sunday, September 30, 2007

News Not About Me


Clementine Grace Diamond-Ortiz!

Born: September 22nd, 2007

5:14 pm Weight: 7lbs 12oz Length 19in.

That name just may have her swinging from poles in clear heels :) it's wrong to use the words "sexy" and "newborn" in the same sentence, but that name plus that face = Emilio and Anastasia, you will have your work cut out for you, keeping the boys away from this little sweetpea!
Congratulations!! I got Anastasia and Emilio couch cushions for a baby shower gift - how cool is that!


In even more news not about me, Congratulations are in order for Mimi, who accepted a new position at AG - long overdue!

Now, back to me! In case you missed the trip report, it's in the prior post :)

1 comment:

Anastasia said...

Emilio is already working on his "stern dad look" so when the boys come calling he can give em hell. Thanks for the cushions--best baby gift ever!